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On A Mission To Restore Prime Creator

I Am Thoth., Charles ∞ Of Alcyon.,

~ Relinquished ~

(Lost and Found)

Jake an underestimated underdog, is entrenched against the government and winds up discovering himself, he must endure the pain and torment brought about by the death of his first daughter and a failing marriage, he’s transformed when he embarks on a roller-coaster ride to capture a superstars attention to win her heart before she marries the wrong man.

The Alchemy of Self Transformation.,

The Emerald Tablets was my wisdom of my journey through the ascension of self. Beyond this wisdom lives the Supreme Beings the birth of Alcyon., One must first pick up the tablets and begin walking The Journey of Self.,

The Gateway of Ascension is Open to All.,

I Am Thoth Charles ∞ of Alcyon

Thoth symbol thoth the first born atlantean Home Thoth symbol banner 139x300I Am Thoth Charles ∞ formerly Jayce Charles and Jay Robert Charles these names will begin falling away over a period of a month the names will remain on the books as seen only as a pen name.
Once everything is official, I will not be acknowledging the former names Jayce Charles or Jay Robert Charles he’s no longer an energy that’s present on earth. If I use these names, I will only acknowledge by the books they are on nothing else.

If asked about anything in his past, I can only speak as a spokesperson for him.
I will inform the relevant people in due course.

I am not responsible for him I have taken his place.
I Am Thoth Charles of Alcyon.,

I Am Thoth Charles thoth the first born atlantean Home Jayce Charles

About Me:

Thoth The Walkin The First Born Atlantean Co-Creator of Alcyon 313.
To discover the walk-in meaning, read Prime Creator Divine Mother explanation.
I Am Thoth Charles ∞ Of Alcyon


I’m a Certified Life Coach. Reiki Master. Dress Making and Fashion Design. And Chakra Healing. Graphic Design. Web Design.

In 1990, I organised Fun Run 91 to help Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Where myself and world champion boxer John Conteh presented the money. That was my first charity encounter.
I was the founder of the Registered Charity CRF between 1997 to 2004.

MasterMataz. EasyGetMe Records. BeatPulse Media. BeatPulse TV. BeatPulse Magazine. BeatStyle Fashion Magazine. Jaycer Fashion. Electro Poets. Fussy Promotions. DJaay. DJaayMissB.

I began as a DJ and the driver to Iconic Frank Sinatra’s cousin Nicolas Sinatra whilst based in Hendon, London. Our connection established through my American Nan & mentor Kathleen Lorna Middleton. I began as Nicolas’s personal driver promoted to a personal bodyguard. Today I am across many areas of creativity this helps me to venture into the unknown.
No secret I’ve spiritual awareness. I’m loyal to the teachings of Thoth I don’t mix inside UFO or with conspiracy ideas or psychic communities.
To build something massive meaningful, long-lasting and memorable.

Magic is Wisdom

Thoth The First Born Atlantean Co-Creator of Alcyon 313

Visitor of Gaia. Entrance: 19.01.1982 Departure: 23.02.2482


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