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Project Take Responsibility


I stand for Change peace and love

Meet the harsh truth of your gov the things that have been hidden from you, when you vote you say its ok for this to happen, when we stand together united and say this is not acceptable things shall change. GOV Take Responsibility for your actions.

Watch the video if you find it upsetting then stop allowing such things to occur one day that could be you, standing up for change at that point is too late. That’s the reality as I found out.

That’s your GOV., That’s what you vote for., so join me on the streets of London you’ll find me.,

If you work under the government in any area, than take responsibility “Government” is what’s in question over this and much more. Time for Change is NOW.,

This is not a UK only issue its global.

I stand for Change peace and love.,

Meet Ian Josephs #ForcedAdoption

#ChildrenMatter project take responsibility Project Take Responsibility ChildrenMatterWe are 100% committed No Turning Back., This Journey will unfold over the next 30 days. We will not tell you what’s happening until it happens each day.

I have a goal; I am standing my ground for what’s right.

If you want background information see the video below.

I’ve carried my first daughter in my arms to her grave 31st May 1995 We sued that was a big error. I was once known as Jason Mead. That name has been deleted.

2003 to 2005 The government snatched my second daughter biggest court battle in UK history was underway nobody knew it was me, our names were secret. We won the battle; the government were guilty of negligence.

They were ordered to support us back to normality as a family by Justice Andrew McFarlane . Then I watched those that did this, walk away free to do again within their own court system their own people. In fact, they went right ahead and destroyed my daughter and my family for a second time. The Justice system has a lot to answer too.

No mercy, no morals they lost and they didn’t like it, that was their call of action. The government has no right to speak on any subject against anything until they take responsibility for their own actions first.

This is still going on today with other families. This stops now.

I’m doing this for my daughter and every child on earth right now. Otherwise someday it might be YOU.

My mission: You take responsibility for your actions as a government and change this among many other subjects. Until then you’re not fit to run OUR country. I don’t care who was in office, the only thing that matters it was done under the name Government so that’s the focus word. If you’re in government then your responsible, if you work for them your responsible.

I tell you now, what I am doing will be done with love and peace and nobody will be acting any different, if that happens, they are nothing to do with me. I will not tolerate such weakness.

I am about change, not destruction.

I’m asking for your support as human, brother, sister, mother, daughter, father, uncle, grandmother and so on, I don’t care what culture or colour you’re or sexual nature, you’re all a human being to me equal as one another.

I ask you only this, no anger, no aggression of any kind not even words, I carried my daughter to her grave and transformed for the better, I experienced what they did twice. And I have no hate for them, what I have is the desire for this to change, and that is my mission.

The journey will unfold on YouTube Subscribe Here.

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May peace always be with you.,

If you happen to know where my daughter is, than please tell her I Love Her., her name was once Cheyenne. My first daughter Chelsea died 12th May 1995, Cheyenne was born around the same day May 1996

If you have children or thinking about having then please think about what i’ve said here, your children matter as much as mine, this will no longer be kept secret.

I am looking for a video logger who has YouTube and willing to follow this journey with me.
Your mission will be to video, upload to my channel and yours if you want, meet with me daily to document the journey. That’s it.
Taking big brother on the streets of London because children matter. Contact me:

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Government’s of the world “Change Your Lives, Change Your Ways”.,

Project Take Responsibility Theme Song “Change” 

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I Am Jayce Charles

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