Atlantis – Journey Back to Thoth

The First Born Atlantean God

By Thoth The Atlantean

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You’re about to read the unedited version of Thoth and Jayce Charles Thoth is the original Spirit who entered the body of a young twelve-year-old boy who died from a house fire. The story of how I came to enter earth can be found inside Prime Creator the Divine Mother book. An outline of who’s who Jason was the twelve-year-old boy who died. Thoth The First Born Atlantean God of Atlantis, the same Thoth who has been written about from the time of Egypt. Upon taking over this body I kept the boy’s name until 2010 the time was ready to make the shift, so, now I am known as Jayce Charles this name has no relation to the family that kept me moving in secret. I had much to learn and many industries to get myself inside so, I could better understand the situation on earth. From 1999 to 2019 to the present day. After many challenges from early 1990s much work was required of myself to bring me back to myself following all the knowledge I acquired along my path as promised to the prime creator at the starting point, again written inside the other book.


The intention of this book is to show you regardless of my spirit and nature for arriving on earth my journey has been much similar to yours. We’re one and the same. With the way my past history upon earth long ago has been misrepresented, my name and presence have been perceived as someone you should worship because of my past actions over many lifetimes, my body may have changed throughout that time my spirit was the same I had the tools and interpretations of those times in history only. It is important that my teachings of long ago are placed in the correct perspective I am as unique as you, as you’re of me. We are all the energy of the great prime creator.

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Many of times I have listened to others read the teaching of the emerald tablets of Thoth to notice a similar theme (authority, dominant in nature, these are misinterpretations of I Thoth the firstborn Atlantean) to come close to my true spirit nature is too know passiveness, stillness which can be seen present in most women who hold on to their divine self. when you hear myself as the body of Jayce speaking this way, you’re just hearing the masculine side of Jayce because that’s the body I possess. If, however, I chose a female body the opposite would be obvious. Regardless of the perceptions of those who read the tablets as long as it’s made clear here that’s all that matters. They also pronounce my name wrong which is quite amusing to hear.


Back to this book inside you’ll read the inner dialogue of physical me and the Spirit aspect teaching of myself back to self. Everything you read refers to us as one entity. Many times, Jayce wanted to never speak out many times he wanted to just run away. This is the journey back to self as me and Jayce resulting as one, once again.


Now, inside spiritual teachings around the world you will hear about Twin Flames and Higher Self I Thoth am both the twin flame and Higher self of Jayce the physical me. The twin flame teaching inside another book was designed to lead you to this truth inside yourself along with Higher Self meaning. Jayce once used the reference of higher self to me, Jayce had to learn until he released this description I could not merge as one fully as a complete being and claim my place as me. Higher places myself at a great distance to Jayce, Jayce had to rediscover this truth he already knew. For many years the challenges of Jayce separated us both. We are now opening up our inner world, our journey home to self.

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Much can be learned here especially realizing how similar our paths have been you and I are no different. Eventually many will begin to recollect my presence in their dreams. All was written during a 20-year period of ascending back to myself. Enjoy the book and our journey together. Your beloved Thoth feminine in nature always have been always will be.

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Before we start some advice from me. Inside the self-development world alongside any industry you are taught to claim nobody is perfect, it’s clear why it’s used. Yet I say to you now and always “You’re Perfect. Prime Creator knows that you’re perfect so if prime creator sees only this in you so, should you. This is not ego, it’s called taking charge of your own divinity your own truth. Stand up, step out, claim your birthright. And if you should, however, make an error that’s OK Prime creator is not judging you so, why should you. If others judge you be ok with that, they only judge themselves. Claim Your Birth Right Divine One. Out Now on Amazon


Atlantis - JOURNEY BACK TO THOTH The First Born Atlantean God atlantis Atlantis – Journey Back To Thoth The First Born Atlantean God book

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