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I’m a Certified Transformation Life Coach and Spiritual teacher with more than 20 years’ experience. Specialised in recognising the positive within every negative. Utilising that as unique spring board to achieve any outcome.

Teaching through unusual methods he stumbled upon, helping anyone to discover their hidden confidence which he understands this is the first foundation step to reaching achievements in life. Which led me to write my book Winged Messenger I see people struggling from all walks of life, I took my hardest journey to use as an example to demonstrate for all the world to see it really doesn’t have to be that way.

I first began his journey as a driver and PBG to Iconic Frank Sinatra’s cousin Nicolas Sinatra whilst based in Hendon, London. Connection was established through my American surrogate Nan Kathleen Lorna Middleton. I began as Nicolas’s personal driver promoted to personal bodyguard.

In 1990 I organised Fun Run 91 to help Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Where myself and world champion boxer John Conteh presented the money. I was passionate about creating a massive event that no one ever thought I could achieve, the bigger the better was my thinking. Before I began knowing it meant committing myself to see it through to the end.

I was the founder and creator of the Registered Charity Child Remembrance Fund During the years 1997 to 2004. I cared immensely about people’s feelings not to be dismissed in life following their loss. The Charity was about making the families feel valued and heard in difficult times. I knew what that felt like to not be heard. CRF became my passion I transformed my own pain into helping others.

I went on to create EasyGetMe Records, EasyGetMe R&B, MasterMataz Records, BeatPulse Media, BeatPulse Magazine, BeatStyle Fashion Magazine, Jaycer Fashion.
Until here I’m today creating a whole new mission and life for myself. Today I am passionate about equal rights without labels and all things creative.

Spirit Walkers

spirit walkers  Books spirit walkers

Misconceptions Of Pisces

Misconceptions Of Pisces - Your Resident Pisces Adviser  Books Misconceptions Of Pisces Your Resident Pisces Adviser

Middle East

middle east movement  Books middle east movement

Prime Creator


Jump Off the Hamster Wheel

Jump Off the Hamster Wheel  Books hamster

Twin Flames

Books twin flames


Books book

Master Energy

Master Energy Universe Cookbook  Books master energy

Spirit Walkers Walk Between Worlds – Audio Sample

Mystery Behind The Middle East Movement – Audio Sample

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Jump Off The Hamster Wheel – Audio Sample

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