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Master Energy Universe Cookbook by Jayce Charles

Have you ever wanted to access the codes behind everything that exists within our planet? Whereby you can have direct access by calling or dialling the desired frequency harnessing the energy behind the words. Hacking your reality changing your life in a positive new way.

We provide you with many examples of the power behind the codes. We created this so you can learn how to do this yourself in a very simple approach.
Once you learn our system your entire world will appear different to you, you will have the wisdom. Inside the contents you shall find historical examples they’re a prime powerful example of the truth set down in this book seeing is believing.

Plus, a powerful new way to look at affirmations. Including an alphabetical list of words already calculated for your convenience. You’ll learn how to translate names/labels into a number a dialling code so to speak, then translate the energy, allowing you to harness its true power. If you know synchronicity with numbers this book will enhance your toolbox.

If you ever wanted to decode reality? Well, now you can.

Master Energy Universe Cookbook  Master Energy Universe Cookbook master energy
Jayce Charles  Master Energy Universe Cookbook Jayce Charles


I’m a Certified Transformation Life Coach which led me to write my life book Winged Messenger because I see people struggling from all walks of life, by revealing my own tragic life changing event shows you I’m human just like you, yet I found a way forward it really doesn’t have to be the way it seems right now. What I can do, so can you. In 1990 I organised Fun Run 91 to help Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Where myself and world champion boxer John Conteh presented the money. That was my first charity encounter. Following Winged Messenger story, I founded the Registered Charity Child Remembrance Fund for around 8 years. Because I learned through experience losing a child meant families will be dismissed, ignored following their loss because people didn’t know what to say. The Charity mission was about making the families feel valued and heard in difficult times. CRF became my passion I transformed my own pain into helping others.


Music I began as a DJ and the driver to Iconic Frank Sinatra’s cousin Nicolas Sinatra whilst based in Hendon, London. Our connection was established through my American Nan & mentor Kathleen Lorna Middleton. I began as Nicolas’s personal driver promoted to personal bodyguard. Today I spread myself across many areas of creativity because this helps me to venture into the unknown, places where many dares not to go only dream about. That’s how most films are created.


No secret I’ve spiritual awareness. Before I can know anything, I will attempt to experience at some level first. One of the biggest dislikes I have about spirituality, there’s too many wannabe’s spouting others information without knowing, spirituality now has lack of authenticity and leverage I see it becoming the next religion fast we all know where that leads us. Because of this I remain loyal to myself.


To build something massive meaningful, long lasting and memorable.

Physical Book

Master Energy Universe Cookbook  Master Energy Universe Cookbook master energy


Master Energy Universe Cookbook  Master Energy Universe Cookbook master energy

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