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Global Media And All Governments Sit Up Pay Attention

Theresa May. Donald Trump. Vladimir Putin. all eyes on you for a response. No BS, We provided the truth. We have done your work. You can call me Thoth or Jayce Charles.

Thoth Rocks The Government





My book Mystery Behind the Middle East Movement my words, my truth,

my experience will never require validation yet thanks to awesome warrior men like indigo traveller who took the time to go find out for themselves just like I did in 2012.

And many more will appear with true evidence like us.

Well Global Media and all governments start paying attention we are spiritual beings who are here fully aware of what you’re doing to the innocent people of this planet.

Its time for you to evolve,

We are different to you we don’t fight nor protest our way forward, we uncover the truth and we do it with peace and love. The truth is open for all to discover what you’ve been doing for a long time.

Own up take responsibility for your actions or leave town nobody cares anymore about dishonesty.

The world can easily fade you out of existence with love and ignoring you totally, every human being owns their own power, no one else. And that is the true fact.

Your medical system has failed people, your education system has failed people, and you know why. And why you do nothing to change it.

Time for something new.

Many of us have the solution. And it shall never harm anyone to obtain our solution.

You can be included or faded out. Whatever you choose it will be transparent and honest for the benefit of all human kind. We have built a list of people who also know the solution.

People will stand behind us peacefully as we provide the solution.

Global Media and all governments here’s what we want you to understand clearly.

The good people of planet earth are very capable of running and supporting this planet in the benefit of each other for greatest benefit of all our future generations and they would do a very good job of it, there would be no hardship for anyone, no weak health system, no homeless issues the education system would be the best where they learn truth not made up fiction.

And the people of this planet would do a might good job of this without your help.

Here are two names from our list Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, are you paying attention yet, if not I be kind enough to come and visit you soon with a link.

Its time you evolved not the good people of earth. We are capable and willing already.

Global Media and governments Tell the good people of the world your response.


See the video below. My book requires no validation prime creator has taken care of everything.

People and Global Media And All Governments Watch this video then read my book, time to face the facts.

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