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Off Set The great Giza Pyramids

Off Set The great Giza Pyramids the alignment positioning of all 3 are a purpose statement for a future statement that one day you shall work out why 2 are in perfect alignment apart from the small pyramid. That’s your clue that has stood staring you in the face all this time.

#Thoth #Rocks The #Government

Its “Off Set” when you realise what I am referring to you know what they have been telling you all this time. why life in those days worked better than now. They knew something you didn’t why their society worked better. The ancient gods were wise they hoped you would see how it’s looking you direct in the face in plain sight. Yet you don’t see it, it’s “Off Set” that’s why the society of that time worked so well ancient wisdom of Atlantis. Take what you know about Atlantis now include “Off Set” what are we telling you?

Take a hard long look access what i am saying to you, what are we saying? Do you need us to spell it out as we will. you try first.

Thoth Rocks The Government




Off Set The great Giza Pyramids off set Off Set The Great Giza Pyramids Off Set

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