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Prime Creator All Systems Back Online

My journey has been long and beautiful. I was lucky to have help along the way by Jake who setup every sign post in front of me. My job was to notice the sign posts and act fast.

Prime Creator gave Jake the job of making my path known through every choice I made.

Can you imagine my shock of excitement not knowing anything about Indigo Traveller and after following a given sign post, sat Indigo Traveller.

I haven’t spoken with Jake in a very long time since 1982 after shutting down this body from a damaged back injury after the fire. To aid me in repairing the broken body. My first call back didn’t occur until the body was aged 18 years. By which all systems came back online.

The only way I can communicate with Jake is I can feel, as soon as I sense his presence, I pay attention to all surroundings its at this point I’m very aware Jake has setup a new sign post. Sometimes I miss posts, which is OK Jake is constantly in front of me foreseeing my every step.

If your wondering whose Jake your find out inside Prime Creator The Divine Mother

Like I said Prime Creator has taken care of everything

Its already complete once you realise. You’re just following our path to the already complete moment. That has awaited you all. You need never worry about anything.

Thoth Rocks The Government




Prime Creator All Systems Back Online  Prime Creator All Systems Back Online Thoths 1024x530

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