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Dont Believe Them

Thoth The Walk-In B07J9QG997 October 7, 2018

Dont Believe Them Dont Believe Them Walkin Cover
  • Don't Believe Them

    Thoth The Walk-In


Don’t Believe Them


Don’t Believe Them

Verse 1:

Tell me what you see

When you travel in your dreams

Does something make you doubt reality?


Look at the perfect picture

At the brilliant sea and sky

Do you suspect something is hidden behind?


Sleeping wide-awake –

Is that the way you feel?

The truth is out there

It’s been carefully concealed



You look around but can’t believe, can’t believe

Don’t believe your eyes!

Get ready to lose it all, lose it all

To reveal their lies.


Nobody can set you free, set you free

If you believe your eyes

Get ready to wake up

Don’t believe your eyes…

Thoth The Walk-In

Eternal Vow Thoth The Eternal God
Rebirth 23rd February 2019

Spirit Knowing “Own Your State”
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