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Twin Flames Who Are They? Part 2

In spirituality you will find certain terminology to identify certain understandings. Spirituality is like a great big picture yet it’s not whole and complete in itself,

Meaning truth is scattered all across the board. So, it looks like a jigsaw when you pick up each jigsaw bit from many locations Some from here some from there.

You begin to see the image form until what you once knew becomes something greater.

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The people selling this market are not wrong and nor am I, when you have one belief you must have its equal opposite to create balance.

Once you know both, for many the grander pictures forms those terminologies make sense or not for some.

Prime creator made no mistake on giving the story you have all heard about, do you remember snakes and ladders some go up some go down some stay right where they are

What I offer is the ladder, what the love market offers is stay where you are. The rest who can’t see a twin flame idea is the snake back down.

If prime creator made every step easy there would be no point, nothing learned nothing gained. Those who are ready will see it clearly. The others well keep rolling the dice.

Twin Flames Who Are They?

Thoth Rocks The Government




Twin Flames Who Are They? Part 2 twin flames who are they part 2 Twin Flames Who Are They? Part 2 Twin Flames Who Are They Part 2 Web 1024x576

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