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Twin Flames Who Are They?

Twin flames who are they, what doesn’t anyone selling this market want you to know?

Once you discover who your real twin flame is.

And stop being lured into the love market.

#Thoth #Rocks The #Government

You can than enjoy and appreciate every lover who comes into your experience.

And never again give away your power to an outside person or market.

It makes no difference if you believe me or not, yet I can say I was once where you are,

being sold on the oldest weakness of us humans. LOVE

We all want love and we all want to be loved.

One who discovers the truth discovers their freedom and power.

Its you or a market

The market sells to you in a never-ending loop of searches with never-ending payments whilst your kept in the dark that loop continues.

I give you the facts one time and for less than a cup of coffee. Loop over life continue forward with joy and appreciation

The Truth about Twin Flames

The minute i posted this Prime Creator sent this into my awareness because i already know the meaning to this song I know why Prime Creator gave it to them. The choice my dear friendly humans will always be yours prime creator is happy no matter what you choose in life

Thoth Rocks The Government





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